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friday. >> 32 days till spring training. >> hey, there you go. have a great day. captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday january 20 2014. welcome to "cnbc this morning." a new threat to the olympic games. is russia doing all they can to stop a terror attack? >> cia i morell is our cnbc news contributor. why he's concerned about the safety of the games. an outer space wake-up call this morning. the daring comet commission that hinges on a working alarm clock. plus an incorrect finish earns the seahawks the right to face the broncos in the super bowl. nfl james brown is in studio 57. we look at today's eye opener, "your world in 90 seconds. our olympic athletes are
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they safe? >> well, i have real concerns about their safety. russians have not been fully cooperative on a security front. >> new olympic fears as terrorists target sochi. >> they promise an attack. they mentioned a special present for tourists attending the olympics. >> i would not go and i wouldn't send my family. >> kenneth bahy now jailed in north korea credit is pleading with the government. >> sandy relief funding would be held hostage if she didn't back his development project. >> an hour conversation is not only false, but i'll lodge contact. >> touchdown -- tarvaris thomas! >> broncos are bound to the super bowl. >> kaepernick crabtree. the seahawks are going to the super bowl. >> i'm the best corner in the game.
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that's the result you are going to get! >> half the country is getting ready for another blast of bone-chilling temperatures across the northeast and midwest. >> president obama is going on the record about pot. in an interview, the president says marijuana is no worse than alcohol. >> back country skier survived an avalanche he triggered. >> it was all caught on tape. >>. >> got it! the upsets continue as sharapova follows serena to the exit. >> the police officer could have kept on going, but instead he stopped his car. >> we both connected. we are playing a game of catch and it was awesome. on "cnbc this morning --" >> we are going to the championship. four interceptions on peyton manning. wow! >> this morning's "eye opener"
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is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to cnbc "this morning." norah o'donnell is off celebrating her birthday. we have claire issa here. >> thank you. it's exciting to be here. >> we begin with a new threat to the upcoming winter olympics and islamic militant group in southern russia is promising, quote, a present for olympic tourists. >> u.s. officials are raising new doubts this morning about security in the host city of sochi. some say if there is a terror attack, it will be hard to rescue americans. margaret brennan is at the state department. good morning. >> good morning to our viewers in the west. with these new terror threats issued just yesterday, it's adding to fear russia might not be able to safely protect these games. the state department already advised american spectators to stay vigilant. the olympic torch arrived in
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russia this morning, less than three weeks before the winter games are set to begin. russia reportedly spent about $50 billion to prepare to host them, but security concerns threaten to overshadow the athletes. president putin pledged on saturday that russia is on alert and ready to protect. >> translator: our task as organizers is to provide security for the participants and guests of the sochi olympic games," he said. "and we are going to do everything for it." sunday an islamic militant group released this video threatening to carry out terrorist attacks during the olympics. in it they also claim responsibility for last month's twin suicide bombings which killed more than 30 people. this latest threat at least the second such public pledge adds to fears russia won't be able to effectively prevent the games from coming under attack. >> i'm concerned. we have got to have better cooperation as we move forward
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if we can ensure the absolute safety, not only of our athletes, but people who are there to watch the games. i think they think this is a political embarrassing situation for them. >> president putin said russia is working with other governments to ensure security. "i believe the international community in various fields should make joint efforts in fighting against terrorist acts and the killing of innocent people," he says. dan richards has a boston-based firm contacted to provide emergency services for the u.s. ski and snowboard teams. >> this is not like calgary or france or lake placid. it just isn't. there are bad actors within hundreds, not thousands or tens of thousands of miles of this location, that are bent on disrupting these games. >> for its part russia is sending troops to the south to prepare for these games. the operation is known as the
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ring of steel and it includes 40,000 military personnel and police. charley, clarissa? >> margaret thank you. mike morell is former deputy director of the cia. he has taken on a new role this morning as a cnbc news contributor. welcome. we look forward to this. >> it's great to be here. >> let's begin with russia and the russian olympics. how concerned should we be about the security situation, in your judgment? >> i think about this in terms of a balance sheet. and on the positive side of the balance sheet you have expensive russian security services. intelligence services the military, the police they are out in very large numbers. that is a good thing. on the other side of the balance sheet you've got a couple of things that are worrying. one is you've got sochi very near the part of russia where extremists have spent a lot of time. two, you have those extremists conducting successful attacks in the last couple of months. three, you have them saying that they are going to attack the olympics. the other thing on that part of
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the balance sheet that is worrying is that most countries who host olympics cooperate with the international community extensively in securing those games. russia has not done that. >> how much do we know about this militant group? have they been responsible for other attacks in the past? >> they have. a number of attacks. the most recent attacks, best example, they are a serious group. they have capabilities. we need to worry about them. >> would they likely attack at sochi or somewhere going into sochi? >> i think they have to be successful and attack somewhere in russia. it would be best for them to do it in sochi. from their perspective, anywhere in russia would draw attention to them and draw attention away from the olympics. >> what can you make of this chairman mike rogers of the house intelligence committee suggesting that russia may have helped edward snowden.
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>> we just don't know. like chairman rogers i am concerned. there are a couple of incidents that are classified so i can't talk about them, but they raise questions. they are being investigated. the other thing that worries me is that what's happening here is not just the disclosure of information related to the privacy and civil liberties of americans which ed snowden said he's all about. there are disclosures undermining the broad capabilities of the u.s. intelligence community. i would think that is what russia is interested in. >> great to have you here. >> thank you so much and a warm welcome to cnbc news. >> thank you. the midwest is bracing this morning for the return of arctic cold. drivers in ohio face slipper why i roads over the weekend. the new cold front is driving temperatures downward. some cities will be below zero by tonight. chief meteorologist eric fisher of wbz is watching all the
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weather changes. eric, good morning. >> good morning to both of you. another blast of cold air here we go again. much like we saw earlier on in the months. all across canada ready to be unleashed tonight and into the day tomorrow and wednesday. looking at the forecast, the midwest sees the first. it's not as bad as earlier in the year but single digit highs in minneapolis. chicago in the teens. same story detroit for tuesday and wednesday. the cold also into the northeast. single digits to around 10 degrees for buffalo. teens in boston as well as new york. not just the cold but the wind creating bitter wind chills. as it moves southward by the evening, feeling like 30 below in fargo, north dakota. that spreads across the feet of as we head into tonight and tuesday. there's also snow to go along with all of this. we'll track it through the mid atlantic. a bit of a rare thing. place like washington, d.c. a two-inch snowstorm in the city in three years. this should be it and will bring
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snow up the eastern seaboard. many will see three to six inches of snowfall with potential of six plus. significant winter weather back in the forecast. >> being thank you. cold weather could steal the show at super bowl xlviii. seattle seahawks will set off benes the denver broncos. james brown shows us the sunday action-packed playoffs and a much anticipated quarterback showdown. >> it was build as the last great battle between two future hall of fame quarterbacks. new england patriots were outclassed and prevented tom brady connecting with his receivers. >> peyton manning threw over 400 yards and two touchdowns. >> in the end zone touchdown! >> the niners led the seahawks for the first three quarters, scoring steadily. but with just over a minute into the fourth quarter, the
7:11 am
seahawks' russell wilson was able to capitalize on a san francisco penalty to throw the go-ahead touchdown. seattle's top-ranked defense forced three turnovers in the fourth quarter. >> it's going to be picked! >> with less than 30 seconds left in the game niners were encroaching on seahawks' territory. colin kaepernick's throw to the end zone was tipped by richard sherman and picked off. in this matchup of division rivals, post game emotions were high. >> i'm the best corner in the game! that's the result you are going to get. don't you ever talk about me! >> who was talking about you? >> crabtree. don't you open your mouth. >> later, a markedly calm and collected sherman was asked whether he is good enough to shut down denver's offense? >> we'll find out soon enough won't we? >> james brown is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> explain that to all of us.
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>> kind of like you and clarissa in the greenroom. an awful lot was on the line. clearly, richard sherman was being talked to throughout the game by michael crabtree saying what he couldn't do. he made the biggest play at the closest moment of the game. emotions are high. that's why most players would prefer to wait ten minutes after a game for a cooldown period. >> look at this picture. this is "the new york times" today showing how incredible that is. >> just awesome. indicative of that awesome defense by seattle, which is suffocating, that secondary that richard sherman is a part of. >> why do you call the super bowl old versus new? >> old school versus new school. peyton manning playing in the pocket excellent quarter reads the defense exceedingly well. new school being russell wilson a very mobile quarterback, very
7:13 am
cerebral. >> there is so much pressure on these players. what do you think tom brady is going through today? >> i do think kill joy. tom brady is deflated. he is a competitor. look to new england having got to that point losing eight significant players last year to this year with injury was remarkable for that team to get to this point. patriots are the closest thing to a dynasty in the nfl today. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> don't let charley yell at you like that again. >> i will try. thank you. the american missionary held captive in north korea made a public appearance this morning. kenneth bayh issued a brief statement to reporters in pyongyang. he's been detained more than a year. he called on the u.s. government to win his release. he apologized for committing anti-government acts and denied being mistreated while in confinement. this morning iran is
7:14 am
fulfilling its pledge to roll back work on its nuclear program as inspectors confirm iran disconnected centrifuges. they produce the most highly enriched uranium. other world powers agreed to lift economic sanctions on iran. there is news about iran and syria. good morning. the international atomic energy agency confirmed today that iran stopped enriching uranium to 20%, which is almost weapons grade. this is part of an agreement aimed at easing tensions over iran's nuclear programs. iran agreed to dilute its stock pile of uranium enriched over 5% to make sure that iran continues to comply united nations inspectors will make daily visits to two key nuclear facilities to monitor progress. if iran does live up to its side of the bargain, it will get $7
7:15 am
billion in financial aid as sanctions that crippled the country's economy are eased. u.n. secretary ban ki-moon invited an iranian delegation to syria this week. today, however an umbrella group for the syrian opposition group said they will boycott if the invitation to iran is not withdrawn. >> holly williams thank you. ukraine is dealing with a violent new phase in its political crisis a rally against laws banning protests turned kiev into a battleground sunday. officers responded with stun grenades and tear gas. dozens of hurt. the government and protest leaders plan to meet today. new jersey governor chris christie is dealing with new allegations of political bullying. don zimmer claims a disagreement with christy cost her city
7:16 am
millions. the governor spokesman calls her charges false. elaine good morning. >> good morning. mayor zimmer met with the u.s. attorney in newark yesterday and turned over supporting documents. her accusations hit directly at one of governor christie's signature issues his response to superstorm sandy. they surfaced as christy was crisscrossing this weekend raising money for republican governors. behind closed doors, governor chris christie rubbed elbows with wealthy donors. >> do you have a few seconds, sir? >> he dodged questions from the press and was dogged by democrats along the way. >> it's not every day we have a governor visit florida whose scandals burn so brightly they outshine even those of our scandal-plagued governor rick scott. >> mayor dawn zimmer said they threatened to withhold sandy aid money.
7:17 am
>> the lieutenant governor says you've got to move forward with the rockefeller project. this is really important to the governor. she said she had been with him on friday night and this was a direct message from the governor. >> sandy left much of hoboken under water. zimmer requested more than $100 million in state aid for the city but only about $300,000 was approved because she didn't back the real estate deal. christy supporters dismiss zimmer's attack as partisan politics, pointing out her tweets in the weeks after the storm where she repeatedly thanked christy for his help. hoboken already received nearly $70 million worth of funding for direct recovery and rebuilding efforts, his spokesman said in a statement. hoboken has not been denied on a single grant application for recovery efforts under the current programs for which they are eligible. in a sign how far christie's star has fallen. florida's embattled republican governor rick scott refused to be seen publically with christy this weekend. the trip was meant to give
7:18 am
christy a chance to flex his national political muscle as the new head of the republican governors association. >> thank you so much. it is time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. "usa today" looks at president obama's comments on marijuana in an interview with the "new yorker" the president said pot is no more dangerous than alcohol, but not something he encourages. he told his daughters using marijuana is a bad idea. "the washington post" says a battle is heating up over hillary clinton's legacy as secretary of state. clinton is finishing a memoir laying out her accomplishments but republican critics are launching a massive effort to challenge the book's credibility as she plans a 2016 bid. martin luther king federal holiday marking his birthday and the 50th anniversary of the passage of his law which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race sex or national
7:19 am
origin. >> "the star-ledger" searches for a reporter. he left his home to go for a walk more than a week ago. hundreds of police and volunteers are looking for him. his wife said bird does not have the medication he needs as a liver transplant recipient. new zealand herald looks at a 6.2 earthquake which hit the country today. it damaged homes and triggered rock slides and brought down a giant next couple of days minor
7:20 am
changes. weather report sponsored by hershey's spreads. a wakeup call a wake-up call for a spacecraft that spent years in hibernation. the daring mission to catch a comet. >> the news is back in the morning on "cnbc this morning." stay tuned for your local news.
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trou good morning everyone. 7:26 on your monday. i'm frank. get you updated on head lines around the bay area. on this day slow ticket sales could spell trouble for the mlk day freedom train. this is the 30th year. ridership is down dramatically. if they don't sell a thousand total tickets today the event will be canceled next year. a lot of supportive and screaming fans greeting the niners late last night after a difficult loss up in seattle. the players back at the niners practice facility for a team meeting at 11:00 this morning cleaning up their lockers and getting ready for the off season. we got your traffic, holiday weather forecast and more coming up after the break.
7:27 am
7:28 am
good morning. we do have thing moving very smoothly. let's take a lookout side. this is how it appears as you make the approach to the bay bridge where we have the lights off i-238 moving slowly this morning. about an eight minute commute from your i-880 to your u.s.1. we now have 27 trains moving. that's a look at traffic. we have lawrence with weather. >> yeah and looking good outside right now. mostly clear skies. clouds drifting overhead. haze in the atmosphere as well. looks like the ridge will bring nice sunshine on this holiday. temperatures this afternoon, 60s, even low 70s. maybe a couple of records, not much change over the next couple of days.
7:29 am
7:30 am
a stunning end to a high school basketball game in north carolina. as the clock ran out in overtime spencer wilson sank a 50-foot bank shot for the win. wilson also made a three-pointer with seconds remaining in regulation to tie the game. the high school tells us wilson a junior, is a two-time cancer survivor. wow. >> what a story. >> what a story. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour two months after becoming ambassador caroline kennedy is calling out a japanese tradition. see what she's saying about the longtime practice of dolphin hunting and how the japanese are responding. plus mitt romney on the new documentary that bears his name. battling the white house from
7:31 am
the inside. that's ahead. an important milestone this morning for one of the most daring space programs ever. europe's rosetta probe launched ten years ago. the goal to make a soft landing on a comet. >> 2 1/2 years ago rosetta went sleek to save pow bier this morning european mission controllers waiting to see if an on board alarm did its job of waking rosetta up. good morning. >> good morning. >> so tell us what is happening here and what is the consequence of this. >> well, what's going on right now, charlie, is that the rosetta spacecraft has turned itself on. it's begun to warm up its internal electronics and the first thing it's going to do is rotate itself around so it faces more sun gathers more sun for its solar panels and from there it will orient itself and point back to earth and send a signal
7:32 am
to the european space agency controllers in germany to let them know the spacecraft is alive and well and pretty close to catching up with a comet it's going to take a close look at. >> would you please give us a sense of the logistics of trying the land on a moving comet? it seems like it would be an incredible challenge. >> it is a very big challenge to do this sort of thing because you have a spacecraft that's 6'x 6'. but this is a comet 500 million miles away from the earth and it's like trying to put a golf bawl through a window from new york to san francisco. so it's a really difficult challenge. >> in in fact it's successful what's next. >> this spacecraft is on its way to visit a particular comet. the idea is to visit this comet and actually put a lander right down on the comet's nucleus, the
7:33 am
first time it's ever been done to gather more information on what comets are from what their dynamic is like and how they do that. >> why the need to study them? what will they teach us? >> comets are objects that are left over from the earliest history of our solar system and for us to get a really good idea of what conditions were like at the beginning of the solar system wrks very to look at the repositories where that information is stored in a sense and comet knew clee eye are that. they're frozen balls of gas and dust and it gives us information about what conditions were like at the time. temperatures ccomposition.
7:34 am
forces. . . >> one last question. what happens if it fails and doesn't wake up. >> the controllers will send a command up to jog its memory. hopefully it will start the process. >> thank you so much. many people around west virginia are still avoiding tap water this morning despite its apparent safety. jeff pegues talks to a prominent lawmaker about the battle to stop another toxic disaster. >> reporter: west virginia state officials say the water is safe but matilda murray doesn't believe them. what you do say to them. >> no way. you guys can drink it. i'm not going to drink it. i'm not each going to let my cat drink the water.
7:35 am
>> reporter: the water company and the state's health officials are still trying to convince people that the water no longer poses a threat even though the effects of the coal cleaning chemical known as mchm are unknown. here in coal country, the chemical leak has reignited the debate about whether the power of industry has been changed. senator joe manchin is the state's former governor. >> the signs were there. west virginia did not act. is that fair? >> it depends on which side. could we have done more? should she with done more? absolutely is. are other state in the same peril? probably and won't know it. >> chemical storage facilities nationwide like the freedom industries plant responsible for the leak. >> this legislation will prevent this from ever happening again. >> what i can do is take the
7:36 am
situation we're dealing with today and hopefully prevent it from ever happening and that's what you should do. learn from what is happening. >> matilda murray wants to know why oversight hasn't been there from the beginning. >> why haven't they ben respecking the equipment. now it's all leelking in the water. >> she said it will beeth doane reports she's in the middle of a firestorm. she criticized the japanese practice of dolphins. >> reporter: these dolphins have been rounded up drirnive side a cove and trapped in large fishing nets. it's part of an annual dolphin hunt in western japan that lands for up to 16 months.
7:37 am
roughly 20% will be sold to area yums. juveniles are released and the rest of the doll fips will be killed for meat. ambassador kennedy expressed her outrage on twitter. her tweet sparking an online debate in japan where some defend it as a tradition that has existed since before your country -- meaning the u.s. another, you use beef and lamb. they say it's necessary too protechblt local fish stocks. paul watson disagrees. he founded the "sea shepherd." >> if it wasn't a demand for them, there wouldn't have be a dolphin find or dolphin
7:38 am
slaughter. >> this rare albino could fetch half a billion seriously. but they said despite the international a outlaj. it will continue this morning. >> i don't know if you've seen that movie but there are scenes where you can seoul the water turning red from all the dolphins. horrifying to watch. mitt romney as you even never seen him before? the ending i probably won't like
7:39 am
and eight will give my family and eries to see wait's like which by the way is one ofrp the most extraordinary experiences. >> the new documenty and the surprise face from the crowd. that's neblt on "cbs this morning"
7:40 am
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. joining us first to discuss the ongoing bridgegate scandal here in new jersey is jersey governor chris christie. governor, welcome. >> thank you piers. it's great to be here. >> i'm curious about the funds you withheld. >> really. you're curious. let me ask you, piers. how long is your drive to work? >> i don't know. maybe 15 minutes. >> oh, that's a nice commute. it would be a real shame if something were to happen to it.
7:44 am
>> wait a second. are you threatening me? >> i don't know. am i? once it starts -- >> -- it never ends. a new documentary goes behind the scenes of lose. it starts airing on friday on netflix but romney showed up over the weekend to get a look. >> reporter: his appearance was a surprise. >> the ending i probably won't like, but nonetheless, i think it will be a good experience and probably give my family and others a chance to see what it's like to run for president, which by the way is one of life's most extraordinary experiences. >> the filmmakers had six years of extraordinary ak serks
7:45 am
offering a glimpse of the republican nominee that most voters never saw playing in the snow with his grandchildren, gathering with his children. >> and if you don't win, we'll still love you. >> reporter: and while news cameras focused on televised debates -- >> they brought us full binders of women. >> filmmaker greg whitely was captured mitt romney off stage in buses, and hotel rooms. >> i can't tell you how many times i sat there before a debate with barack obama or a primary thinking what am i doing here. >> he said, you know even if we never make a movie out of this woit buld a wonderful journal to keep for your family of what your presidential campaign was like. >> reporter: the ending on election night is no surprise. >> this election is over but our principles endure. >> reporter: but after struggling with doubts during the campaign romney looked caught off guard. >> what do you say in a concession speech? by the way, does someone have a
7:46 am
number for the president? >> i do. >> okay. i hadn't thought about that. >> reporter: in a tightly controlled campaign the filmmaker shows a candid and intimate look of the candidate. the question is whether that look at romney during the campaign would have made any difference in the outcome. now, for republicans, i think the biggest takeaway so far are the scenes where romney really seems to be struggling with his confidence and questioning whether he can win. there is a fair amount of monday morning quarterbacking going on here charlie and clarissa, but the point is romney's occasional pessimism about his chances could have been a self-fulfilling prophesy. charlie and clarissa. >> it could also show a more humane interesting person. sometimes when you're running for president, there's so -- >> holiday weather turning out nice around the bay area. no threat of rain outside.
7:47 am
mild temperatures about 9-15 degrees. that dome of high pressure blocks any storms headed our way. temperatures this afternoon may be a couple of records out there. 72 in oakland. 69 in san francisco. 70 in san jose. next couple of days minor changes. windy thursday and friday. this morning we'll take you to a hospital that redefines bedside manner. we'll see how five-star luxury can become a prescription for better health. find out why it doesn't mean higher medical bills. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." chili's lunch combos starting at just 6 bucks. try our delicious new fresh mex bowls with chipotle or margarita chicken. all served with a bowl of soup like our new southwest chicken. chili's lunch combo starting at 6 bucks.
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[ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ new hershey's spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with new hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. kindness captured on police video. an officer near houston spotted a young boy tossing a football in the air but he had no one to play catch with. so the officer got out of his car and joined in. sergeant aerial fulterrez said he was just doing his job. the video is an internet sensation. mark phillips is in london for a turning point for the
7:52 am
royal family. >> reporter: what do you do if you're a queen who wants to wind down a little and not retire and when you're the royal heir who's asked to take on more and more royal duties. changes at the palace coming up on "cbs this morning." [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness... accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel for my pain and stiffness, and to help stop joint damage. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections tuberculosis lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have
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good morning everyone. it's 7:56. i'm michele. six buses carried the niners to the headquarter late last night. the players will be back at the niners practice facility for a team meeting at 11:00 this morning. after that, they'll head home for the off season. one person burned out of their home at a 13 story apartment complex. it happened in the neighborhood in 1700 block of mcalister street just after 11:00. crews quickly knocked down the flames. no one was injured. traffic and weather in a moment.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning everyone. go ahead and head outdoors. we have our traffic camera looking out towards the area where we do have some slow going. traffic looks clear on the bay bridge. good morning. everything looks great. >> a little rain, can't see it now. high pressure overhead. going to bring clear skies to the coastline. high clouds drifting overway. going to be a beautiful holiday. temperatures running as much as 15 degrees above the average. 69 in san francisco. getting windy thursday and
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." american officials say they do not believe russia is ready to protect the winter olympics. one group threatens tourists. president obama compares marijuana to alcohol and al qaeda to a jv basketball team. the facts from his surprising "new yorker" magazine interview. changing of the guard, new royal authority queen elizabeth is giving prince charles. first on january 20g9th, 2014 a look at your eye opener. most country whose host the
8:01 am
olympics cooperate with the international extensively. russia has not done that. blast of cold. here we go again, much like what we saw earlier in the month. iran has stopped enriching uranium to 20%, almost weapon grade. embattled republican governor rick scott refused to be seen publicly with christie this weekend. >> could you just give us a sense of the logistics of trying to land on a moving comet? >> like trying to put a golf ball through a window from new york to san francisco. this movie is already triggering a debate among republicans who really thought the election was romney's to lose. cabtree. picked off! the seahawks are going to the super bowl. >> you treat me like crabtree that's what you're going to get. don't you ever talk to me like
8:02 am
that. >> explain to all of us. today's eye opener at 8:00 is presented by allergan. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and carissa ward. gayle king is off. 15,000 americans will travel to next month's winter olympics. officials in the united states say they're more worried than ever about safety at the games in sochi, russia. >> vladimir putin insists his country will do whatever it takes to protect athletes and spectators. russia is not sharing enough of the details. in a group of islamic radicals in southern russia post this had online video. two men threatened, quote, a surprise for tourists in sochi. insurgent attack on the u.s. military base in southern afghanistan killed one american service member this morning. it happened near kandahar. all five attackers were killed.
8:03 am
the assault followed friday's taliban ambush of a popular restaurant in kabul. 21 people were killed there, including three americans. lexi camramon spent her last three months at the university of afghanistan. her aunt talked to us about the work she's done there. >> what she's done is incredible. we all regret she's not going to be able to do bigger and better things. she was there to you know help advance educating women there so that they could take part in the future of their country. and, you know to that -- you know, to that end, for the short time she was able to be there, she did that. >> alexandros peterson from the university also died in the attack. the third american basra hassan worked for unicef. delivering the state of the union address. ahead that have the president
8:04 am
sat down with an interview for "the new yorker." major garret has the new revelations. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie, norah and carissa. another moment as a sailor attacking back and forth to reach a distant spot. the president describes as overblown surveillance fears and the new reality of raising teen daughters in a country where at least in some states there's legalized marijuana. amid the struggle to gain momentum, the president opened up to a new yorker on a surprising range of topics. i don't think it is more dangerous than alcohol, the president said about marijuana, which he smoked frequently in his youth. it's not something i encourage and i've told my daughters i think it's a bad idea. fresh off the speech that outlined new rules for counterterrorism surveillance. >> the standards must be higher. >> reporter: nevertheless he condemned edward snowden, whose
8:05 am
unauthorized leaks sent mr. obama on his reformist path. it was not worth the damage done, the president said of snow ls den. five years from now, when i'm a private citizen, i'm going to feel pretty confident that my government is not spying on me. he also defended his 2012 campaign claim about the state of al qaeda. >> al qaeda has been decimated. >> reporter: the analogy we use around here is if a jv team puts on lakers uniforms that doesn't make them kobe bryant. there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of a bin laden and network versus jihadists who have power struggles. measured over time not in the moment. one of the things that i have learned to appreciate more as president is you are essentially a relay swimmer in a river full of rapids and that river is history. about the inept roleout of the obamacare website --
8:06 am
>> i take full responsibility to making sure it gets fixed asap. >> reporter: the president again pleaded for patience. if you're doing big, hard things then there's going to be some hair on it. there's going to be some aspects of it that aren't clean and neat. the president also acknowledged racial and partisan tensions remain and possibly have intensified during his presidency. calling his 2004 democratic national convention speech where he spoke of a postracial post partisan era he describes that rhetoric now as merely aspirational. char charlie? >> the seattle seahawks and the denver broncos and top players from both teams made the impact on and off the field. peyton manning threw two touchdown passes to beat new england 26-16. manning also raised big money for charity every time he changed a play by yelling omaha.
8:07 am
>> omaha, omaha, omaha, omaha. omaha. omaha. >> it's funny when you hear it all together. eight companies in that nebraska city for every omaha they will give $25,000 to manning's foundation for at-risk youth. driving for the winning touchdown when seattle's richard sherman kicked away this pass to michael crabtree. that interception preserved the seahawks 23-17 win. after the game sherman called his 49ers rival a sorry receiver and he repeated that message later a little more quietly. >> i was making sure everybody knew that crabtree was a mediocre receiver mediocre. and when you try the best corner in the game with a mediocre receiver, that's what happens. >> the word is mediocre. any questions? i think he is very humble isn't
8:08 am
he? >> isn't that part of the game? >> exactly. >> and he said that crabtree had been trash talking all game so there's more to that story. they won. >> they certainly did. >> big time. queen elizabeth is the second longest reigning monarch in history. after more than six decades, she is stepping back and handing over some royal duties to the next in line. mark phillips is outside buckingham palace. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, char charlie, gayle, clarissa. this change reflects the long understood reality. the queen is in her 88th year. more and more she's been delegating her duties to other members of the royal family particularly prince charles. and now his people are taking more of a role in the way business is run here. the queen has been winding down her public duties for several years. there are no known major health
8:09 am
issues, but after 62 years on the job, 161 foreign visits and uncountable domestic appearances, there are a lot of miles on those royal tires. she's been handing over many duties to number one son and heir prince charles. including him in state occasions, she used to handle by herself. and having him take on more of the overseas burden. here, officiating at the last commonwealth conference in sri lanka. now, reflect how things really are. instead of the queen and prince charles having separate public relations staff, the palace's powerful pr operations will be merged. one firm one centralized group of image makers. although the palace insists the queen is still the queen. >> if anyone is driving the force, it will be the queen being realistic about what she
8:10 am
is and isn't able to do. so i think charles may step up junior members of the royal family know they have to step up, too. >> how that works will be evident next june at the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the normandy invasion when both charles and his mother will attend. going alone would be too much for her. >> there are seven or eight engagements that day. she's not able to do all of those herself and travel. she's just being realistic. >> reporter: but look carefully at buckingham palace. there is no situation vacant sign out there. she's not retiring not even semi retiring. she is a thoroughly modern monarch. she's delegating. >> i think that works, mark phillips, when you're 88. don't you think?
8:11 am
flu season is at an epidemic level.
8:12 am
have you gotten your shot? dr. jacobs looks at h1n1 swine flu, coming up next on "cbs this morning." is looking at the return of h1n1. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morning's >> announcer: this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is sponsored by allergan. talk to your doctor today. doctor today about chronic migraine. ays for adults with chronic migraine 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. it's proven to actually prevent headache days. and it's injected by a doctor once every 3 months. the effects of botox® (onabotulinumtoxina) may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing speaking, breathing, eye problems,
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8:16 am
cdc reports widespread flu cases in 40 states. 14 states are seeing high flu levels this year. 10 children have died from the flu in the second week of this month. that doubles the total number for kids so far this season. dr. david agus looks at the flu and other matters. in "a short guide to a long life," published by simon & simon & schuster. lled. dr. agus good to see you. what do you make from the numbers brought by the cdc this morning? >> good morning, gayle,
8:17 am
clarissa, and charlie. 7.5% of u.s. deaths are related to the flu. this year it's a bad one. >> how does it compare to last season? >> well, this year it's h1n1 or swine flu cl means it hits young kids or young adults much more strongly than others. that strain is in the vaccine. only 40% have approximately been vaccinated so we all need to get out there and get vaccinated. under the affordable care act, vax seens are covered with no payment at all. >> i'm just reeling from the statistic that ten children have died. what should parents be doing to help protect their children? >> well when you get the symptoms and the flu, you need to stay inside. don't go to work. don't spread it to others. you're right. kids dies of news happens only with certain strains so we need to pay attention. there are newer technologyies
8:18 am
that are getting excited that could help. google has flu trends. they look at when people search for fever, running nose et cetera and they can predict it weeks before it goes to the cdc. home test willing make a big impact. when you can test and say, hey, my child has the flu, call the doctor add get tamiflu which will remarkedly lessen the symptoms. if your child is sick for more than a day, call your doctor right away. >> dr. agus, you tacked about this before. how old should you be to get a shot and if you haven't, is it too late? >> no. 6 years of age and older, everyone needs to get it. it takes about ten days to become effective. again, flu season may go all the way to may, so we've all got to get up, get out there, and get
8:19 am
one. >> there you go. >> yeah, sign me up. >> me too. >> we are listening, charlie. thank you dr. agus. what does it take -- little inside jock. what does it take? we'll look at the growing trend. all that matters in 1981 two big moments in >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by lifestyle lift. thanks to lifestyle lift, looking years younger has never been easier.
8:20 am
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8:22 am
good. good answer. check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? [ slow, deep voice ] give me your abc's. all i
8:23 am
learned was a new definition of fear. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. >> that's the way it is tuesday, january 20th 1981. day that began as the 444th day of captivity and ended as the first day of freedom for the american hostages in iran. >> "all that mattered" 33 years ago today, the release of 52 american hostages from iran. in 1979 iranian students stormed the american embassy in tehran. they were outraged after ousted shaw had been allowed in the united states for cancer treatment. after months of negotiations and a failed rescue mission, the hostages were released minutes
8:24 am
after president ronald reagan took the oath of office. days later the hostages were welcomed home by a parade in new york city. >> a little before my time. >> we both remember it clarissa. look what you have to look forward to. our newest cbs contributor former deputy director of cia mike morell is in the toyota green room. we'll ask him if new surveillance rules can keep us protect. that's ahead. the surveillance programs that change the way the
8:25 am
season is officially o after their 23 to 17 l . good morning, everyone. 8:25. the san francisco 49ers season is officially over after their 23-17 loss at seattle in the nfc title game. they greeted the players at the team headquarters in santa clara late last night. firefighters in southern california are making progress against a fire in the san gabriel mountains. the fire is now 78% contained. they expect full containment by wednesday. and two bay area philanthropists have helped san francisco cover the cost of batkid's day. bob and marcia goldman wrote a check for $105,000 to make the boy's dream come true last november. stay with us.
8:26 am
traffic and weather coming right up.
8:27 am
good morning, everybody. on this martin luther king day, everything is moving quite smoothly. as far as your traffic is concerned, let's head on outdoors where we have lots of blue skies. a few clouds on the horizon. on the approach make sure you have your sunglasses. the sunlight is on and you can see by the cars everything is moving fairly clearly. it will cost you 15 minutes this morning on i-880 if you're heading for the i-238 to the
8:28 am
maze. everything moving smoothly. look how gorgeous this is. good morning, san jose. highway 237, i-82, u.s. 101 clear sailing there. altamont pass. a 14-minute commute. otherwise everything is on a holiday schedule and bart is on time. that's a look at your traffic. what's up? winter still on holiday too. not sticking around here. we've got lots of sunshine out the door and the temperatures a little chilly in spots. we have 20s and some 30s in some of the interior valleys. a few high clouds cruising on by. the dominant ridge of high pressure being the semipermanent feature all fall and winter long. looks like it's sticking around for another couple of days. in fact as we head toward the afternoon, some of the temperatures may get near records again this afternoon. about 70 in san jose. 72 oakland. 69 in san francisco. 67, a couple patches of fog moving along the coastline. more forg the next couple -- fog the next couple morpgz. cooler coast -- mornings. cooler coastside.
8:29 am
shhhhh, they're eating. kfc favorites bucket. 10 pieces, any recipe you want $12.99. i even get my favorite. extra crispy boneless. thank you. ♪ ♪
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, the future of medicine looks more like a luxury hotel than a cold emergency room. peter greenberg takes us inside a groundbreaking hospital. see how the patients are treated like v.i.p. beer is getting a boost, putting beverages on the same level as wine. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. britain's "the telegraph" says hollande's girlfriend is now out of the hospital. she's resting near the palace.
8:31 am
the "washington post" takes us inside michelle obama's 50th birthday party. she posed with this photo of to dog. and also present were paul mccartney and james tailor. and a couple donated more than $100,000s to pick up the cost for bat kid. they allowed this 5-year-old boy to live out his fantasy while fighting leukemia. huge crowds turned out for this event that captured the nation's imagination. house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers said the president's speech on friday produced in his worths lots of uncertainty. former deputy director of cia mike morell was part of changes.
8:32 am
welcome back. before we talk about mike roger, what did you think of the president's speech and the balance he took because he did not take all the recommendations? >> i thought he said two very important things. one was the importance of intelligence to protecting the nation, the fact that what the nsa was doing was legal and propose and doing exactly what the government asked them do. they were patriots. i thought it was very important for the country to hear that and important for the nsa officers to hear that from their commander in chief. at the same time charlie, he said that the government holing this data creates a potential risk to privacy and civil liberties, which is what our panel found as well and he said importantly that the government shouldn't hold that data anymore and he said that the government should have a war rent when it goes and looks at that data. it's going to take some time to
8:33 am
work all of that out, but some of that is in place this morning. getting a court order, for example, is required as of this morning. so i thought what the president said was pretty important. >> is it going to be difficult to find a place to put that data because people who might accept it have already said they don't want it. >> right. it turns out right now nobody wants it which is not surprising. what i think is important that as we move this data away from the government which the president said he will do, that e with find a place to keep it where it's easy to get aheadold of it. if you have to get to it very, very quickly, you can skip the court process. >> he accepted 36 of the 45 recommendations. is that enough to keep us safe and what is the one
8:34 am
recommendation you would hi would keep that he did not. >> he was going to keep some of the recommendations and study another 15. to me you know, the two most important recommendations were the recommendations about the 2 2/15 tell phone remember men daks which he accepted if we're going to collect information on friends and them -- >> can you take us behind the scene and give us some insight as to what went bnd you, what you were trying to do. >> this because group of folks who came with a very open mind and very different perspective.
8:35 am
it was interesting. it was like two graduate seminars going on. one for me and dick clark, a national seminar on privacy and civil liberties taught by our three graduates. so the first month was both of us learning about the prospectives of the other. >> everyone's struggling with a balance. >> yes. >> one thank this you have said that's really really struck me is this idea if the government had the capeths it has now, 9/11 could have been prevented. what did you mean by that? >> i sanl the program as pralk it issed todd. theable to querrey this database and had the nsa had that in
8:36 am
2001, they would have been able to identify a hijacker in colorado. the other piece of that would be to share that information with the by i. when i said this would have prevented 9/11 i said both places. >> let me make a point on face merck. i was mentioning a handful of abuses over the last 10 12 years and information on details looking into systems about buy friends and gerl rent were dealt with proposely. bob's question was about the 215 wain. tl abuses that i was referring to wrr around about inform sf
8:37 am
after programs. >> all right. now you have done that. nice to have you here. >> thank you, appreciatet. >> he'll she you why hair slans rms. now they're being held at
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
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8:41 am
the newest innovation in hospitals may be the health care division itself. peter greenberg, good morning. >> good morning. traditionally hospitals are design as a place for medical professionals to just do their job but hospitals weren't often built with patient in mind. that's not the case of one hospital that looks and feels like a luxury hotel and treats you like a valued guest. it's lunchtime at henry ford hospital in bloomfield hills, michigan. don't look for day old jell lowe. here it's a restaurant. much of it is grown on site in their own greenhouse. nan she is ceo of the henry ford health system.
8:42 am
it was do be a go-to destination, a place where people wanted to be. >> do you know of anybody who's excite god to a hospital? >> no, no. it's not a place where you say on a friday night, let's go to the e.r. to be a place for healing, true healing, it has to be different. >> she recognized that hospitals needed an image makeover but she took a leap of faith by hiring an executive from ritz-carlton to design and then run the $360 million facility. but there was one rule. >> the rule is it's about the patient. >> you don't wake up -- >> we don't wake them up between 10:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning. >> unless you have to. >> unless we have to. >> the focus on patients begin immediately. they pass by a spa, the hair salon and designer gift short shops as they travel through an enclosed atrium to their private room. dr. mark rosen bloom heads the hospital's neurosurgery didn't.
8:43 am
he said the patient-focused approach helps speed heals times. >> any patient's family can stay here any time night or day. it is important for a patient's well being and recovery to see their loved ones to be less in a stark uncomfortable unusual environmental. we think it helps. >> the luxury accommodations don't mask their main purpose. in rooms like this sur jones perform hundreds of different procedures each week all on state-of-the-art equipment. adrian had a life-threatening tumor removed last year. >> doctors that i seen before were alarmists, they got me very scared about things. here they were very matter of fact. they made me feel very very comfortable with whatever the outcome was. >> at this hospital they're averaging about 50 surgeries a day but the other key is the aftercare, unlike anything most of you have ever experienced.
8:44 am
corinne's aftercare happened after back surgery. she was introduced to yoga. now she comes back four times a week to exercise dine and meet with friends it's incredible. it has this wonderful restaurant. it doesn't feel like a hospital. >> schliccting says the price is offset by lowering admissions. the rooms are always booked. >> our goal is to have the most efficient high-quality care so a lot of people will come and make it a very cost-effective model for the industry. >> as the restaurant gets ready for the next meal experience, the sense they created becoming all too clear that they don't usually come when the staff is getting their lunch but they come for lunch. >> can you find jell lowe on the menu? >> i have not seen jell lowe on the menu. i'm sure if someone asked, they will accommodate it.
8:45 am
>> they'll bring it right to your room. at the henry ford hospital they call it room service and they do it 24/7. >> i think any hospital that's taking advice from ritz-carlton is my place to go. >> i'm shocked to do that. >> how are they able to do it without the additional cost. >> they built it in the original design. and when you have lower admission rates and higher recovery rates it's lower. for chest procedures they're one third of the cost for other hospitals and for hip procedures less than one third. by the way, you're paying for a private room at the same price you're paying for a semiprivate room. >> i feel like i want go hang out there. >> there's room at the other. >> let it catch on. >> peter greenberg, thank you. beer reach as new level of sophistication how you can become a certificate feud expert in sudden. tomorrow on "cbs this morning," lee woodruff learns
8:46 am
what it takes to train service dogs plus why one puppy story is very personal for us. that's tomorrow. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:47 am
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next month anheuser-busch will spend about $28 million for super bowl commercial for its top selling beers. beer drinkers don't always get the attention at the same level as wine drinkers but dean reynolds shows how a new program is raising the bar. >> reporter: while a wine expert is gnome as a sommelier, a beer
8:50 am
expert has generally been considered a drunk. but a man named ray daniels is hoping to change that. >> americans used to treat beer like a can of soup. you buy it but it in the cabinet, leave it there for months or years on end, take it out, open it warm it it's going to be as good as it was. >> reporter: as an author of four books on beer he felt obligated to set some standards. the very soarous people in this room are at the forefront of his efforts. they're taking a test to become certified beer experts, what daniels calls scissor roans, so they can identify the aromas the look and, of course, the taste of the beer. >> the see nay your is you're a beer expert. >> reporter: there's an i irritable test online followed up by an exam that is followed up by taefgts.
8:51 am
>> lauren is among the hopefuls. >> it's a very serious examination. they're not messing around. >> reporter: daniels created the program six years ago and they must be able to teach brewers, bartenders, and contributors about beer styles flavors, and longevity. >> how did this start? >> bad beer. you know i've been a beer enthusiast my entire adult life and i was always amazed how many places would have 25 beers on tap, didn't know anything about them. >> daniels believes beer ignorance is widespread and on this occasion he didn't have to look fard to find it. >> you can smell the first one. get the sense of that. >> smells like beer. >> compare the second one. >> oh yeah. no, there's a big difference? a big difference there, right? >> it just seems sort of flatter to me. >> yeah exactly.
8:52 am
>> a buttery flavor is called die as tall and that's a very common off flavor in beer. >> so a trained server would pick this up and say, all right, this is -- we've got to get rid of this. >> yeah. we've got a problem here. >> reporter: jerry's bar in chicago has 48 craft beers on tap and the staff is required to seek at least the certified beer server status daniel's basic qualification. nick bondy is the bar manager. >> we need to have people who can say, okay, what do you normally like to drink and if somebody says i like to drink stella, we can guide them in the right direction guard a beer that has similar qualities. >> reporter: so the next time you walk into a pub and the bartender says what will you have you could ask, what would you recommend? for "cbs this morning," dean reynolds, chicago. >> clarissa it's been great
8:53 am
having you. >> oh it's for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting
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pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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screaming fans :03 good morning, everyone. it's 8:55. i'm michele griego with your kpix headlines. screaming fans greeted the six buss that carried the 49ers from the airport to team headquarters in santa clara late last night after a devastating loss to the seahawks. the players will be back at the niners practice facility for a team meeting at 11:00 this morning. after that they'll head home for the off-season. one person was burned out of their home in a 13-story apartment complex whether it caught -- when it caught fire last night in san fran. it happened in the 1700 block of mccallister street, just after 11:00. crews quickly knocked down the flames. no one was hurt. here's lawrence with the forecast. high pressure in control. still looks like it is sticking
8:56 am
around on this holiday. plenty of sunshine. if you're headed out the door action a little chilly in spots. overnight lows dropping off in the 20s and 30s. a couple patches of fog moving along the coastline near half moon bay and a few high clouds up above. plan of a high of about 70 degrees in the napa valley. 27 could be near records in oakland. 69 in san francisco. and 67 degrees in pacifica. next couple days, a few more patches of fog moving in along the coastline. cooler temperatures. staying mild in the bay and the valleys. then the winds really kicking up on thursday and friday. we're going to check out your traffic coming up next. bulldog: you know heroes wear capes. some wear fur. and mattress discounters good deed dogs is here to help them. meet yara. she helps veterans like marv stay independent. this is caspin. he helps wallace with things she can't do on her own. and goldie helps children with developmental disabilities while suzie works with people in the hospital. you can be a hero, too.
8:57 am
give it, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs: helping dogs help people.
8:58 am
land o'lakes sauté express meal starter, with herbs, spices, butter and olive oil. it's one step, no prep for endless possibilities! sauté express®. in the dairy aisle. good morning, everybody. roberto gone gonzalez taking a look at your morning commute. clear skies as we can see on the carquinez bridge 19 minutes. otherwise beautiful sailing i- 880. it's clear with the 16-minute commute. meanwhile taking a look at 237, good morning, san jose area. here's a look at your commute time for the altamont pass to i- 680 and all transit on a holiday schedule. have a great day.
8:59 am
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